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Douglas County Scottish Highland Games

Oregon State Heavy Athletics Championship Entry Form



Ø  The event will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 24th & 25th, 2019 at Henry Estate Winery in Umpqua, Oregon.

Ø  Check-in time begins at 8:30 at the Heavy Events Field; competition will begin at 9am.

Ø  Registration fee of $30 includes admission to the games, T-shirt, and beverages.  Registration fee must accompany form.

Ø  Checks and Money orders are accepted in US funds only, made payable to the Douglas County Scottish Society. (DCSS)

Ø  Entries must be received by July 31st in order to be guaranteed a T-shirt, camping, and beverages.

Ø  Games T-Shirts are guaranteed for Pre-registered Athletes only.  Late entries will be given a shirt on an as-available basis.

Ø  Saturdays competition will consist of Men’s Lightweight, Men’s Masters, and both Women’s classes.

Ø  Sundays competition will consist of Men’s A, Men’s B, Men’s C/Novice

Ø  Free camping is available for Friday and Saturday nights.

Ø  Mail entry form and fee to:

DCHG c/o Knebel

229 Camas Ct.

Sutherlin, OR 97479

Ø  Direct any questions to Athletic Director

Robin Knebel              Phone: 541-671-9287             Email: rknebel@hotmail.com



Ø  Mens A (highest skill level)

Ø  Mens B (Intermediate skill level)

Ø  Mens C/Novice (beginner skill level)

Ø  Mens Lightweight (<200lb.)

Ø  Mens Masters (40+)

Ø  Women

Ø  Women Masters (40+)



Ø  Stone Throw (Braemar and Open)

Ø  Hammer Toss (Heavy and Light)

Ø  Weight for Distance (Heavy and Light)

Ø  Weight for Height (spinning is allowed at the judge’s discretion)

Ø  Sheaf

Ø  Caber


Ø  The competition will be conducted according to SHA rules, which can be seen at the following website:   www.scottishheavyathletics.com/rules.html

Ø  All Athletes must wear Kilt during the competition except the Novice athletes.  Any style of Kilt is allowed

Ø  The Athletic Director reserves the right to change, combine or eliminate scheduled classes and or events.

Ø  Athletes will be assigned to the most appropriate class based on their best competition marks.

Ø  The DCSC considers the use of performance enhancing substances to be unethical and unsportsmanlike.

Ø  Decisions of the Judges and Athletic Director are final.












Douglas County Scottish Highland Games

Oregon State Heavy Athletics Championship Entry Form


Name:____________________________________  Date of Birth:___________________

Address:________________________________ City:_____________________________

State:__________  Zip code:___________  Email Address:_________________________

Phone:___________________________  Kilt Tartan:_____________________________

Class:__________________________  T-shirt size:    S     M     L      XL      2XL      3XL      4XL


Best Competition Score:  (Mark N/A if you have not competed in a particular event)

Braemar Stone Throw:________________ feet     Open Stone Throw:_________________ feet

Heavy Weight for Distance:____________ feet     Light weight for Distance:____________ feet

Heavy Hammer:_____________________ feet     Light Hammer:_____________________ feet

Weight for Height:_______ feet  Sheaf:______ feet   Caber:______/ Length____  weight______


Entry Fee: $30.00

Please make Checks and Money Orders payable to Douglas County Scottish Society, US funds only.  Entry fee must accompany entry form.

Heavy Events Release of Liability:  The participant recognizes that participation in the Douglas County Highland Games involves risk of physical injury including that caused by the negligence of the participant or the Douglas County Scottish Society.  By signing herin, the participant voluntarily releases, waives and relinquishes any current or future claims against the DCSS for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death occurring to the participant arising out of participating in the games, and agrees to indemnify and save harmless the DCSS from any claim against it for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death to the participant, to the extent allowed by law.  I also permit the DCSS or its sponsors to use my name or photograph of me participating in the games for future promotional or publicity purposes, without obligation of liability to me.  I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this event and I represent that I am sufficiently physically fit and trained to safely participate in this event.  I also agree to abide by the decisions of the DCSS official concerning my ability to participate safely in this event, and agree that DCSS officials may authorize emergency medical treatment on my behalf. 

I have ready and understand the Heavy Events Release and agree to their terms.



Signature (Parent or Guardian if competitor is under 18)

            Mail entry form and fee to:

                DCHG c/o Knebel

                229 Camas Ct.

                Sutherlin, OR 97479